The Systemic Stairway™ methodology enables people to find the deep simplicity in complex situations so that they can quickly become manageable. We have helped many organisations with:

  • training courses for thousands of managers, executives and operational staff who find the approach practical at work and useful in their everyday lives.

  • facilitation to help organisations grappling with complex situations and change management.

  • a systemic approach to project management which is helpful to both professional and non-professional project managers who need a reliable method to manage everyday projects.

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What is your pathway?

Our services offer a variety of learning paths to help you learn our management methodology and develop essential skills required to manage any complex situation from inception to implementation. You can choose stand-alone training workshops or modular action learning programmes and decide whether you want to focus on individual, team or organisational impact. To ensure that new skills remain within your organisation we have designed accreditation levels which can be achieved with additional assessment.

Need an external facilitator? We run collaboration facilitation sessions to help you create new strategy, make high-leverage operational decisions or resolve any organisational dysfunctionality that you may be experiencing.

Who are our services for?

Executives, Directors & Founders

Who want to resolve real issues & take their organisations to the next level

HR, Learning & Development

Who want to boost organisational performance through training & development

Departmental & Operational Managers

Who want to create manageable operations and improve cross function collaboration

Team Leads & Project managers

Who want to lead high performing teams & well managed projects


Who want to develop skills to take their performance to the next level and achieve life and work goals

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